About us

Smart & Rich invites you to taste our unique coffee and tea with powerful mushrooms and mountain herbs!

We believe that each cup of your coffee and tea should be special, that’s why we are very serious when it comes to what goes to your tea or coffee. Best of Nature, Best for you and Best for the day!

Smart & Rich has started from the ancient traditions heritage of Central Asia, we know that the nature is greatest treasure of the world, and its mushrooms, herbs and roots can be so beneficial for our health and body.

We believe that the vast majority of health problems arise from malnutrition. Smart & Rich has created one-of-a-kind line of nutritious coffees, teas and personal health products which are enriched with rare health-giving mushrooms, roots and herbs.

Elite Smart & Rich Cordyceps Coffee, Tea contains Cordyceps fungi extract, a rare fungi growing at high altitudes in hard-to-reach mountain tops. Cordyceps has been known to Central Asian medicine for over 5,000 years and till present days Cordyceps high valued for building up energy levels and boosting immune functions. This rare fungi its true power of nature to defend your overall wellness.

Elite Smart & Rich Ganoderma Coffee, Tea and Hot chocolate enriched with Ganoderma mushroom extract. Ganoderma is a mushroom treasure of the world that’s revered for its anti-aging powers, this mushroom is believed to be packed with ton of benefits and rich in fibers, vitamins and amino acids. The best way to start your day with mushroom power which will brighten your day, and bring in energy to your everyday life.

True beauty is in nature!

Smart & Rich magic touch cosmetic line inspired by nature true beauty and we want to share it with everyone. Our cosmetic line is created to enrich, nourish and delight. We believe that Ingredients matter and that’s why we try to keep our each product made with natural ingredients and formulated without unnecessary chemicals, synthetic ingredients or preservatives often found in cosmetics. Feel the power of nature in every and each our cosmetic product.