Red Tea Cordyceps

Elite red, 100% organic tea of Lapsang Souchong variety with 100% certified Cordyceps extract.

Everyone knows that China is the birthplace of tea and it appeared there so long ago that sometimes it seems that tea has always existed there.

There was a time when a tea was taken away from China only by a trick and presented as a gift to foreigners only on special occasions. For a long time, the production and cultivation of tea was kept in the strictest confidence and it was not easy to buy tea ...

Now China is the largest supplier of tea in the world. Small farms, where tea is collected and processed manually, and huge productions, where everything is automated, are closely neighboring here.

Smart & Rich company uses only highest class of raw materials for its products: tea varieties are only elite, and of course, tea leaves are picked by hand.

Each SR tea bag contains elite Chinese tea, picked by hand. These are only the youngest and juicy leaves, barely blossomed, or even not yet fully budded buds.

The tea connoisseurs know that elite Chinese tea is not only tasty, but also good for soul and body. Each of the varieties has a beneficial effect on all body systems, fills the body with life-giving energy, gives vigor and life force. A tea ceremony calms down the spirit, it allows to focus on the main thing, eliminates anxiety and doubt.

Elite red Lapsang Souchong tea is often called “smoked” or “tar” tea. The name of the tea is literally translated as: "a small variety from mountain “Zheng”.

Lapsang Souchong is an unusual tea. Its main difference is in its unique taste, aroma and pleasant ruby-red color of the infusion. True connoisseurs of red tea appreciate it for its unique smoky flavor, which has combination of ginger, prune, dried pear, nut, cinnamon, caramel and fragrant smoke.

The main feature in the production of tea is that tea is collected, dried in the sun, twisted, after which it is poured into baskets where it is fermented. The fires of dry resinous pine wood are made next to the baskets. Tea is fermented under the heat of the fires.

Tea helps to improve the function of the stomach, intensively warming it. In addition, Lapsang Souchong absorbs fats, normalizing metabolism; it strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Tea is rich in vitamins and amino acids.

In addition to the tea leaf, this drink contains Cordyceps extract (Cordyceps sinensis).

Chinese Cordyceps can be referred both to the group of flora and fauna. These are pyrenomycetes parasitizing on certain types of insects. Mushroom grows in China in the highlands of Tibet. The history of its use in China as means for health promotion and disease prevention has more than 1200 years.

Chinese healers believe that Cordyceps is on the same level with ginseng and deer antlers, and no wonder, because the body of Cordyceps is rich in unique nutrients and specific biological components inherent in the plants of the highlands. Having preventive and restorative properties, this fungus literally "repairs" the cells. At the same time, it is pleasant to the taste, easily absorbed by the body and has no side effects, and practically has no contraindications.

The benefits of usage of drinks (regularly) that contain Cordyceps extract:

  • increase of body tone and endurance;
  • improvement of immunity and metabolism;
  • significantly reduce of blood clots;
  • improvement of indicators of microcirculation of blood and blood supply in the brain tissues, heart, kidneys;
  • decrease of cholesterol level and normalization of blood pressure;
  • normalization of balance of calcium and phosphorus in the blood;

Cordyceps is an excellent aid in fight against viruses, bacteria and bacilli tuberculosis. It is also successfully used for rheumatism, fatigue, respiratory diseases, various inflammations and insomnia.

Thousands of people have already appreciated the products of the “SR” company, and many of them have become our regular customers.

“SR” company promulgates the healthy nutrition. You need constantly replenish the supply of vitamins, micro and macronutrients, the body will thank you for this with excellent well-being, beauty and youth!

It is recommended to drink 2-3 cups of tea a day 30 minutes before eating. Tea is recommended after prolonged physical exercises in the fresh air. Don’t put sugar in this tea, but you can put a slice of lemon.

Don’t forget about benefits of water for the health. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day if there are no contraindications.

It’s natural antioxidant and not a medicine.