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Smart & Rich invites you to taste our unique coffee and tea with powerful mushrooms and mountain herbs! We believe that each cup of your coffee and tea should be special, that’s why we are very serious when it comes to what goes to your tea or coffee. Best of Nature, Best for you and Best for the day!

Our treasures

Cream-Soap Ganoderma and Black Cumin


Cream- soap with Ganoderma and black cumin  “Cream- soap with Ganoderma and black cumin” with natural oils delicately cleans the skin of any type. The active ingredient - Ganoderma has a pronounced antiviral and antibacterial effect, it prevents the development of staphylococci and streptococci. The skin of the face is effectively cleaned and bleached because of Ganoderma, which is included in the composition of the soap; blood circulation is improved, wrinkles are smoothed, pores are narrowed and skin is tightened. In addition, Ganoderma helps to eliminate toxins and allergens from the skin. Black cumin nourishes, moisturizes, saturates the skin with vitamins, improves metabolism, relieves inflammation; it has high antimicrobial properties, promotes healing of small cracks, and also protects the skin from tightening and dryness. The soap contains the following natural oils: melted, essential, grape seed, black cumin; Ganoderma extract, natural components of wormwood,…

Ganoderma Cream Scrub

27 USD

Cream- scrub with Ganoderma Сoffee cream- scrub of cosmetic line “Magic touch” of “Smart & Rich” cosmetics is a scrub that has no analogues in the cosmetic market. It consists of only natural ingredients: Coffee beans Arabica and Robusta stimulate blood circulation, prevent cellulite, restore damaged skin, maximally moisturize and deeply clean it, soaking it with all necessary micro elements. 100% Ganoderma extract rejuvenates and nourishes the skin. It’s an effective tool to prevent micro cracks, acne and stretches. Ganoderma effectively nourishes the skin with vitamins, starting the regeneration process. Also, the extract of this unique mushroom helps to whiten the skin, protects it from irritation and inflammation, strengthens the barrier functions of the skin. 100% collagen and sea salt promote skin rejuvenation and cell regeneration, sea salt helps to relieve allergic reactions and inflammation. In addition, it gives the skin elasticity, whitens and…

Ganoderma Extract

72 USD

Ganoderma (mushroom Reishi, Lingzhi) is a type of bracket fungus from the Ganoderma family; mushrooms, which grow on trees. It can be said without exaggeration, that Ganoderma is the pearl of oriental medicine. The content of the mushroom includes more than 150 amino acids, more than 200 phytonutrients, multivitamins, macro and micro elements. Ganoderma has been used for more than hundred years as a substance that helps to preserve youth and strengthen the immune system. Healing properties: it improves the cardiovascular function; it relieves the allergies; it protects the liver; it removes toxins and wastes from the body; it improves kidney function; it relieves insomnia; it has a calming and relaxing effect; it strengthens the immune system; it slows down the aging process; it promotes weight loss; it contains antioxidants; it has antibacterial properties; it promotes early scarring of wounds; it eliminates urinary tract infections; it has anti-inflammatory effect; it lowers blood sugar;…

Eternal Youth - Anti-Aging Bio-Cream Luxury

36 USD

Anti-aging bio cream with Reishi mushroom extract It’s a unique formula of natural extracts and herbs. The cream is designed to protect your skin for 24 hours. It provides the restoration of the skin balance, gives it elasticity and radiance; it deeply moisturizes and reduces the signs of aging. The benefits of use: • enriched natural vegetable oils provide excellent skin hydration; • restorative and regenerating effect is induced by the active ingredient of Reishi mushroom (certified 100% extract); • the active ingredient collagen provides skin hydration, improves hydration and flexibility of the skin; It’s recommended for: • normal, oily and dry skin; • owners of sensitive skin types should be tested on a small area before use; Application method: The cream should be applied to dried clean skin of face, neck and decollate twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. Moisturizing creams themselves contain the required amount of moisture. The…