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The best of nature to make your life better!

Smart & Rich invites you to taste our unique coffee and tea with powerful mushrooms and mountain herbs! We believe that each cup of your coffee and tea should be special, that’s why we are very serious when it comes to what goes to your tea or coffee. Best of Nature, Best for you and Best for the day!

Our treasures

Black Coffee Collagen

27 USD

Elite black coffee "SR" with 100% certified sea Collagen. Each sachet of our coffee contains excellent Vietnamese Arabica coffee.   True connoisseurs say that Vietnamese coffee is the only one in the world that has a balanced combination of flavors, including notes of cocoa, bitter chocolate, vanilla, cream and caramel. In addition to coffee, this drink contains sea Collagen This functional yet delicious drink helps top up your natural collagen level, which is believed to slower down with age. We believe that beauty its not just about loose skin and wrinkles its more than that. Stay strong, stay active and be yourself by starting your day right. Thousands of people have already appreciated our products, and many of them have become our regular customers. Smart & Rich  promotes healthy eating. You don’t have to change your coffee and tea habit just switch to our beverages and your body will thank you for this with an excellent well-being, beauty and youth! It’s…

Anti-Aging Serum - Ageless

31.5 USD

Anti-aging serum - the power of nature Ageless. This is the latest word in the development of "green science". Serum contains 7 synergistically mixed key ingredients which provide powerful anti-aging protection. It was specially designed for daily use; it can breathe a new life into your skin. The benefits of use: • reduce of the wrinkles depth up to 62%; • lifting effect is up to 77%; • regeneration and restoration of skin cells; It’s designed for: • prevention of signs of aging skin; • skin, damaged by uv-rays; • prevention of wrinkles and laxity of skin; Application method: It shall be applied to cleaned and toned skin of the face, neck and decollate area as an independent product or before application of the cream. It shall be used 1 time per day, preferably in the evening. It is very important to pay attention to all areas of the skin. A few drops shall be warmed to body temperature for uniform application of serum. Serum is applied by attaching…

Ganoderma Extract

49.5 USD

Ganoderma (mushroom Reishi, Lingzhi) is a type of bracket fungus from the Ganoderma family; mushrooms, which grow on trees. It can be said without exaggeration, that Ganoderma is the pearl of oriental medicine. The content of the mushroom includes more than 150 amino acids, more than 200 phytonutrients, multivitamins, macro and micro elements. Ganoderma has been used for more than hundred years as a substance that helps to preserve youth and strengthen the immune system. Healing properties: it improves the cardiovascular function; it relieves the allergies; it protects the liver; it removes toxins and wastes from the body; it improves kidney function; it relieves insomnia; it has a calming and relaxing effect; it strengthens the immune system; it slows down the aging process; it promotes weight loss; it contains antioxidants; it has antibacterial properties; it promotes early scarring of wounds; it eliminates urinary tract infections; it has anti-inflammatory effect; it lowers blood sugar;…

Collagen White Tea

24.3 USD

Elite "SR" 100% organic white Bai Mudan tea with 100% certified marine collagen. There was a time when a cup of tea was more than just a tea, it was magic every teatime, when time stopped and the fresh scent of every tea leave filled the air with wonderful tales of adventures and tea. Homeland of our tea is China, we hand peak every juicy young leave with love to bring little magic to your cup. We know that China is to tea what France is to wine, that’s why we at Smart & Rich use only highest class tea. True classic of Chinese tea history is Bai Mudan or White Peony tea, grown on beautiful hills near the coast, handpicked in April when you feel Nature almost wakes up to blossom with all of its beauty. Every leave are maintained through minimal processing to keep all the vitamins and beneficial natural properties to bring in your cup only the best. It is beautiful as a morning tea, perfectly tunes to an energetic mood. During the day it gives strength and make your mind clear…